Melania was founded in 1966, the first company producing children’s footware for large-scale retail trade. Since then, Melania Italia has been designing, developing and producing children’s footwear with innovative techniques and handcrafted quality, using high-quality materials and molds especially studied to allow the foot to grow with the greatest freedom.

The brilliant results in Italy pushed Melania to start expanding internationally, achieving a resounding success especially on the German market.
After the consolidation of its presence on the Italian market, in 1970 Melania started expanding internationally (today, international market sales constitute the 70% of the company’s total turnover), increasing considerably its sales volume and reinforcing the importance of Made in Italy.
The 80’s and 90’s witnessed a further production increase that led to the launch of a new brand in 2000: M-Kids joins Melania, and lays the foundations for a european production (in Romania), aimed at supplying the major world suppliers of footwear.
As of today, Melania has 4 operative facilities in Romania: a highly specialized establishment with a workforce of more than 1200 people, able to combine tradition and the know-how of Melania Italia with the needs of an ever demanding international market.
The main markets where Melania operates are: Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Russia, North America (Canada), Central America (Mexico) and USA.
Thanks to recent trade agreements, Turkey, Algeria and the Far East will become the brand’s future marketplaces.

As of today, Melania Italia features these brands: Melania and M-Kids, proving to be one of the leading producers in the world of children’s footwear.
Ever new lines, selected materials, exquisite shapes, attention to details - this is what allowed Melania to create high-quality products, innovative yet at a competitive price.
Every model is designed following a clear philosophy: the creation of high-quality shoes, able to let children walk, play and grow, with a constant attention to the health of their little feet.
Over the years, Melania kept investing in communication, allowing the brand to gain visibility and recognition: with its unique communication plan, Melania proved to be an energetic, creative, dynamic and modern company. The challenge is important: being able to interact with the younger customers, thanks to charming and original images and contents, to touch their emotions and to play with their desires. An interaction that, over time, is developed through the web, with the website, social networks and press office conveying over time the values of the company.


Melania is made of motivated people who work with passion, perseverance and creativity, to design shoes using the latest technologies, with the same craftmanship of 50 years ago.
An intense love of children and a serious attention to their health have always characterized the philosophy of the company which, generation after generation, built up its identity around the same values.
Technology, Italian style, creativity, innovation: these are the keywords that drive the factory work every single day, to create on a great scale high-quality shoes able to carry the quality of Made in Italy all over the world. The research and development center of Melania collaborates with universities and international orthopedic clinics to study new materials and new patented technologies for shoes, paying serious attention to the latest studies on the physiology of children’s feet. New technological ideas, anatomical and antibacterial insoles that improve flexibility: every detail is accurately studied, to offer unique and exclusive products, with a specific attention to children’s health and wellbeing.


Every single collection by Melania is the result of a careful research, and of a constant and intense attention to guarantee a unique and innovative style, where the details of every product are studied to guarantee comfort, agility and durability. The choice of designs and materials is inspired by the latest trends, to offer various solutions able to meet the needs of every age range for every occasion.
Melania has always been devoted to the necessities of the most demanding customers, children - always growing and changing, launched towards the future, able to give enthusiasm to the company every single day, motivating its work.