The Gironacci Family Foundation is dedicated to Giordano Gironacci, the young entrepreneur prematurely passed away in 2012, at just 40 years of age. A due and strongly wanted act, to let young generations know — even if indirectly — a man that, notwithstanding his brief lifetime, was able to instill deep values in his family and in his work.

The Foundation’s main aim is to support the world of children through dedicated initiatives. Its promoted activities, both cultural and athletic, are numerous and diverse.

They include the “Youth Village”, a whole town that becomes a child-friendly world, where purely recreational activities are mixed with state-of-the-art workshops on childhood, and the “Giordano Gironacci Memorial”, a day dedicated to sports with the award ceremony for the best young cyclists of the ALLIEVI 15-16 years old category, after an 80km race.

The Foundation will have a dynamic work development, projected towards the future, consistently with the ideas of the man it is dedicated to.

2nd Memorial - 2016

1st Memorial - 2015

Villaggio dell'infanzia